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Prices range from $110-$250




Jim's Formal Wear

Call us at 770-382-4829 or email us rileysllc17@gmail.com

We typically like to have 2 weeks before the time of the event to order tuxedos but this varies based on time, circumstances, and availability. We do not keep tuxes in store, they come from a rental company out of Atlanta.  

Tuxedo Questions and Answers

  1. How quickly before the event should a reservation for a tux be made? The best answer is, as soon as possible...however, this may not always be possible. Wedding parties should make their reservations starting 30 days or so before the event so that all participants may have time to come get measure. For school proms or formals, the sooner, the better as pieces begin to go out of stock the closer to time of the event.
  2. Do I have to pay for the entire tux when I make the reservation? Yes.  As of January 1, 2022, we require FULL payment before your tuxedo can be ordered. 

  3. When can I try on my tuxedo/suit rental?  All rentals get delivered to us on WEDNESDAY, the week of your event.  They are not here when we open at 11am.  It is normally around lunch time when the driver arrives with them.  We will always CALL you when we receive them. 
  4. Is there a late charge if I don't return the tux rental on time? $25 a day. If you need the tux for a longer period of time, we can arrange for that when reserving the tux.

  5. What if I damage part of my tux rental?

    There is a $4.00 damage waiver built into all tuxedo rentals and typically will cover any MINOR damages to a tuxedo.  That being said, any other MAJOR damaged components of a tux must be paid for by the person renting the tux, upon its return. 


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